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STA Travel is one of the two largest travel organizations for students and young people. It was founded in 1979 by acquiring assets from the bankruptcy of AUS Student Travel in Australia including their successful UK company (trading since 1976).
Over time it has acquired or started other operations so today it operates from 92 countries. The oldest legal entities in the Group are those of Austria (formerly Oekista 1950); Germany (SRID 1955) and Switzerland (SSR Travel 1962).
STA Travel is owned by Zürich-based corporation Diethelm Keller Holding Ltd., which also own business services company DKSH. is a student deals website that focuses on student, teacher, and youth travel. The site offers airfare, hotel and hostel bookings, travel insurance, tours, and other travel products. According the terms and conditions users have to be students or teachers at a degree granting college or youth under age of 26 to redeem offers. The business and website is rated by the Better…

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